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Full-Length Plays

       Days of Our Roadsboro

This is a full-length stage version of the Roadsboro radio series.  Dracoola has invited all of Roadsboro's favorite characters to a dinner party in which he plans to kill them once and for all. This is considered to be the end of entire series.

Unit Set (3M, 3F - Cast can be larger if needed)  90 minutes in length.

Please click here to order through Norman Maine Publishing

       Five Flowers

This heart-warming adult comedy centers around Rose, a woman living in an assisted living complex, and who is about to turn eighty.  As her birthday comes and goes, she deals with her incompetent nurse, her wacky card club and her family's reluctance to take care of her.  This play received its world premiere at the St. Mane Theater in Lanesboro, MN.  This play does contain adult language and situations.

Unit set.  (5 m, 5 f)  90 minutes in length

Click for PDF Preview

Please contact me to see full script or to arrange a performance royalty.  


Lanesboro Community Theater (Premiere)

              Jack and the Virus
A fun children's play!  Jack may be only in fifth grade, but he's already hopelessly addicted to the Internet.  When his mom brings home a book from the library, Jack surfs the net to prove he can find all the stories online.  Instead, a nasty virus takes over his computer and distorts the traditional fairy tales.  Jack realizes in order to destroy the virus he must turn off the computer and discovers that reading the book activates his imagination better than the computer screen.  This play received its world premiere at Winona State University in Winona, MN, and was originally titled Tales Told 'Round the World.

Unit set.  (4 m, 5 f)  60 minutes in length.

Please contact me to see full script or to arrange a performance royalty.


Winona State University, Winona, MN  (Premiere)
Brandon Schools, Brandon, MN

       Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island
Sophie always wanted to be a superhero, so when her homemade sail boat travels to Ice Island, Sophie gets a chance to save the island from melting.  Can she be the hero or will the Dark Figure and his minion of penguins stop her?  This play received its world premiere at the University of Minnesota-Morris and was also shown on local PBS stations: Pioneer TV and KMSQ.
Unit Set (1 F, 1 M, 9 E) 60 minutes in length.

Please click here to order through Brooklyn Publishers.


University of Minnesota- Morris  (Premiere)
Young Actors Project, Santa Monica, CA
Nichols School, Buffalo, NY
One Act Plays

    A Deep, Poetic Journey Into Something

Jane is a high school senior who just wants to break out of the box.  Through a series of events, Jane comes to a revelation on how to live her life.  This innovative drama was created for the high school one-act play competition and advanced to the state level of competition on its premiere run.

Unit Set (4F, 3M, 6E) 30 minutes in length.

Click Here to order play through TheatreFolk Publishing


Rushford-Peterson Schools, Rushford, MN  (Premiere)
King Fork High, Suffolk, VA Luling High, Luling, TX
Northwestern High, Salem, OH Brandon High, Brandon, MN
North Salinas HS, Salinas, CA Wakefield Schools, Wakefield, NE
Ste. Genevieve HS, Ste. Genevieve, MO SC Lee Jr. High School, Copproas Cove, TX
Chilhowie HS, Chilhowie, VA Kadoka HS, Kadoka, SD
South Tama HS, Tama, IA Winona Public HS, Winona, MN


When an egotistical high school director decides to do a cutting from the play
Equus for the high school one-act play competition, the students decide to rebel and disqualify themselves at the first level of competition.  (Subsection and Section Champs, State Participant on its premiere run.)

Click here to order play through Big Dog Publishing


Rushford-Peterson High School, Rushford, MN (Premiere)
Dawson High, Dawson, MN Griffin MS, Griffin, IN
Holy Trinity Catholic HS, Temple, TX Creston MS, Indianapolis, IN
Southern School District, Wymore, NE Canyon Del Oro HS, Oro Valley, AZ

    And They All Lived

One of my top produced plays.  A comedy that takes place in Onceuponatime Land, where the evil witch has erased color from the land.  Various characters from familiar fairy tales band together and set off on a quest to find the person who can make the color come back.  Little do they know the one who can save them is within their midst.  Perfect for all ages!

Please click here to order And They All Lived

Unit Set (3M, 5F, 4E)  35 minutes in length.


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN (Premiere)
Madison Central High School, Madison, MS Montgomery City, MO
Batavia High School, Butarian, OH Clarkesville, TN
Hutto Middle School, Huho, TX Iowa City, IA
Iolani Schools, Honolulu, HI Ackley, IA
Bridge Players, Lumberton, NJ Montezuma, IA
Rainham Theatrical Society, Kent, England Lawrencesielle, NJ
Pinewood Christian Academy, Belleville, GA RCTA, Vidallia, GA
On The Town Community Theater, Anthem, AZ Colbert, OK
Zion Benton Township, Zion, IL Chambers, NE
SE Nebraska Schools, Stella, NE Chappell, NE
Napoleon High School, Napoleon, OH Ford Middle School, Allen, TX
Archbishop Bergan Catholic, Fremont, NE Sawyer Public, Sawyer, ND
Holy Name Central Catholic, Grafton, MA Advantage Academy, Grand Prairie, TX
Harbor Christian, Gig Harbor, WA Trafalgar Castle, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Glenns Ferry ASP, Glenns Ferry, ID Highstown High School, Highstown, NJ
Next Generation Homeschool Coop, Brunswick, GA  Vernon School, Portland, OR
CCE of Jefferson County, Watertown, NY Whitfield School, St. Louis, MO
Toombs County High School, Lyons, GA Carney Public, Carney, OK
Estelline High Schook, Estelline, SD Village of Evergreen Park, IL
Birch Grove Elementary, Brooklyn Park, MN Zion Benton, Zion, IL
Kenmare High School, Kenmare, ND Bentworth MS, Bentleyville, PA
Pinecrest High School, Southern Pines, NC Deadham HS, Deadham, MA
Stoughton Center, Stoughton, WI New Mark MS, Kansas City, MO
Alamo Heights MS, San Antonio, TX Paul Dunbar MS, Fort Myers, FL

     Black and White

A spoof of the family sitcoms from the fifties and sixties, where a lot of the issues and portrayal of gender roles are considered taboo now.  The play is unique visually as it is actually portrayed in black and white.  

Unit Set (3M, 2F) 25 minutes in length.

Please click here to order Black and White


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
South Effingham School, Guyton, GA Ripley High School, Ripley, WV
Actsmart Teen Theater, Livermore, CA A.C.T.S., Russellville, AR
Andrews, NC Madison School, Madison, SD
Spring Ridge Academy, Spring Valley, AZ Red Lodge, MT
Timiskaming, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada Horizon Christian, Cumming, GA
Linsly School, Wheeling, WV Reynolds HS, Reynolds, ND
Mid-Michigan Family Theatre, Haslett, MI Westlake HS, Westlake Village, CA
Oldham-Romona HS, Romona, SD Waubay School, Waubay, SD
Borealis Bards, International Falls, MN

     The Blind Date

A comedy about an upscale restaurant trying to become popular.  Their success is hindered by the incompetent and weird staff it employs.  The play centers around a couple who are on a blind date, but the real action occurs around them as the staff attempts to do their work.  Therefore, the couple is "blind" to activity around them.  This is a fast-paced show and is reliant on lots of physical movement.  Good for competitions!

Unit Set (4M, 9F) 30 minutes in length.

Please click here to order The Blind Date


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Allan Composite School, Allan, SK, Canada Patrick Marsh, Sun Prairie, WI
Smith Middle School, Troy, MI Sawyer Public, Sawyer, ND
Diller-Odell School, Odell, NE Manassas, Las Vegas, NV
Unity Stageless Players, Unity, SK, Canada Oakes School, Oakes, ND
Silver Grove Schools, Silver Grove, KY Cotter High, Winona, MN
Majorie Book Cont. Education, Cincinnati, OH Hershey HS, Hershey, PA
Uniontown HS, Uniontown, OA Keota High School, Keota, IA
Farmersville Jr HS, Farmersville, LA Eisenhower HS, Shelby, MI
Theater Kent, Chatham, ON, Canada Hay Springs HS, Hay Springs, NE
Jack Jouett MS, Charlottesvillem VA

    Bomb Art

What do you get when you mix a splash of eccentric family with a dab of innocent neighbor? Bomb Art.  This dark comedy paints a vivid picture of a strange family as they hunker down in a homemade bomb shelter with their next-door neighbor.  Will they survive to see the apocalypse? This play was co-written with Sara Holmberg.

Please click here to order Bomb Art

Unit Set (3M, 5F) 30 minutes in length.


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN
Science Hill High School, Kingsport, TN Tofield School, Tofield, AB, Canada
Grayslake North School, Grayslake, IL Rockland DHS, Orleans, ON, Canada
Dawson-Boyd School, Dawson, MN Miller School, Charlottesville, VA
Arvada, CO Tofield School, Tofield, AB, Canada
Science Hill, Johnson City, TN Clark County HS, Berryville, VA


A fast-paced comedy about a variety show that plays live over the Internet, enlightening viewers on the subject of love, relationships and the family unit.  Complete with a nasty virus and pop-up commercials, the play satirizes society's relationship with the computers and questions whether we control the computers, or if they control us.  A proven winner at one-act play competitions!

Please click here to order Chipped

Unit Set (12E) 30 minutes in length.


Rushford-Peterson Schools, Rushford, MN (Premiere)
Chosen Valley High School, Chatfield, MN Westside School, Jonesboro, AZ
Britton High School, Britton, SD Hudson High School, Hudson, MI
RC-L Community School, Rockell City, IA Oswego High School, Oswego, KS
Grove Middle School, Edson, AB, Candada Napoleon High, Napoleon, OH
Pequannock High, Pompton Plains, NJ Alogona High, Algona, IA
Rockwell City-Lytton High, Rockwell City, IA Schrade Middle School, Rowlette, TX
Prescott College, Prospect, Australia  Deshler Schools, Deshler, NE
Brandon Schools, Brandon, MN R-T-R Schools, Russel, MN
Prince of Peace Academy, Clinton, IA Covenant Day Schools, Matthews, NC
Pauline Johnson CVS, Brantford, ON, Canada Elida Municipal, Elida, NM
Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans, VT PMS, Virginia Beach, VA
Falls City Schools, Falls City, NE Gray Avenue MS, Yuba City, CA
Hillsboro Schools, Hillsboro, OH Luverne High, Luverne, MN
Miller School, Charlottesville, VA Verndale HS, Vendale, MN


My first play to be published.  A funny and poignant, fast-paced shows about teen concerns. Includes sequences of poetry, spontaneous skits, and comments about the joy and pain of being a teen.  Students portray, jocks, preps, rebels, nerds, exchange students and more.  Subjects include: grades, teachers, parents, drugs, drunk driving, being cool, anorexia, crushes, fitting in, computers, love and more.

Click here to order Collage

Unit Set (9E) 25 minutes in length.


*note- There have been more performances of this show that what is listed, but the publishing company does not readily share this information.  If you are a school or organization that has done this show, please drop me a note, and I'll post the information.

Rushford-Peterson, Rushford, MN  (Premiere)
Oak Hall School, Gainesville, FL Lisbon High School, ME

    Couch Confessions

A serious look at teens and the choices they make.  When the parents leave for the weekend, the two sisters decide to throw a party.  Various issues are addressed in this play, including drug use, eating disorders and date rape.  The play was developed for Victim Services of Rochester, MN, and was performed for two years to various high schools in the area.

Unit Set (3M, 7F)   40 minutes in length.

Please click here for a PDF Preview

Please contact me to request a performance royalty.


    Deus Ex Machina

Due to space issues, the school administration has decided to turn the high school theater into a faculty lounge, complete with a large pop machine located center stage.  The theater director and her Drama Club students must scramble to create a play using the pop machine as the focus.  This is a hilarious parody of well-known plays and movies and is a proven contender in one-act play competitions.

Unit Set (8F, 3M min. - Can cast up to 41 people!) 30 minutes in length.

Click here to order Deus Ex Machina


Rushford-Peterson, Rushford, MN  (Premiere)
South St. Paul High, St. Paul, MN Barnesville High, Barnesville, MN
South Kingstown High, Shannock, RI Henley Middle, Crozet, VA
Johnson-Brock High, Johnson, NE Hemingford High, Hemingford, NE
Clark Land Middle School, Waterford, CT Old Quarry Middle, Lemont, IL
St. Mary's High, Woodstock, ON, Canada Robert E. Lee HS, Staunton, VA
American Leadership Academy, Spanish Fork, UT Lebanon HS, Lebanon, VA
Dixie HS, New Lebanon, VA Fairview HS, Fairview, TN
Denison HS, Denison, IA Conroe HS, Conroe, TX
Arthur County, Arthur, TX Kidder County, Steele, ND
St. Stephans and St. Agnes MS, Alexandria, VA Cimarron HS, Cimarron, KS
Tekamah-Herman HS, Tekamah, NE Weld Central HS, Keenesburg, CO
South Kingston HS, Wakefield, RI Brighter Horizons Academy, TX
Atlee HS, Mechanicsville, VA

 The Flecks

Thanks to a magical spell cast by a fairy, the audience is able to see things they've never seen before: microscopic bugs called Flecks and a misunderstood Dust Bunny, who are all on the look-out for the ever dangerous broom.  This comedy teaches us about manners, how to treat others and how to use our imagination.  With plenty of audience participation, this is a cute play for young audiences.

Unit Set (1M, 2F, 5E) 40 minutes in length.

Please click here to order The Flecks


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Pleasant View Warehouse, Stillwater, OK Eminence High, Eminence, KY
Lawerence High School, Lawerence, NJ Elkhorn High, Elkhorn, NE
Turkey Foot Middle School, Edgewood, KY Evergreen Park, IL
Summit Academy, Westminister, CO

   Grandma's House

When the Wicked Witch breaks into Grandma's house to find the magical spinning wheel, she is interrupted by three princesses coming for a visit.  She quickly disguises herself as Grandma in hopes to buy time so that she can find the wheel and escape.  But then a prince arrives...  Can he save the day?  A fun play for all ages.

Unit Set (1M, 4F) 25 minutes in length.

Click here for a PDF preview.

Please contact me for a performance royalty.


      Happily Ever After

This is fast becoming one of my top produced plays.  Four pairs of disgruntled fairy tail characters compete on a game show for the chance to live happily ever after.  Little do they know that the host of the show, the wicked witch, isn't about to let that happen.

Unit Set (4M, 5F)  30 minutes in length.

Please click here to order Happily Ever After


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Florence High School, Florence, WI Faith Middle, Fort Benning, GA
Low Country Prep, Pawley's Island, SC Nimitz Academy, San Antonio, TX
Kent City Middle School, Kent City, MI Jefferson High, Rockford, IL
Neuqua Valley High, Lomard, IL East Central High, Miles, IA
Rouleau 4H Club, Rouleau, SK, Canada Noe Middle, Louisville, KY
North Salinas Theater Dept., Salinas, CA Kansas CUSD, Kansas, IL
OHCHS Drama Club, South Paris, ME Gilbert Elementary, Gilbert, SC
VBCPS- Plaza Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA Faith Middle, Fort Benning, GA
Cedar Park Christian School, Bothell, WA Clinton High, Clinton, NY
Two Saucy Wenches Theater Group, Edmond, OK Empowerment Prep, Houston, TX
WNCC Upward Bound, Scottsbluff, NE Village Elementary, Hilton, NY
Howland HS, Warren, OH Eminence R-1, Eminence, MO
Boys Town, Boys Town, NE NBHSA, Merritt Island, FL
Delhi Charter School, Delhi, LA Moscow MS, Moscow, ID
St. Catherine, Wixom, MI Meridian, Daykin, NE
Pine View MS, Land O' Lakes, FL Waskom High, Waskom, TX
Lawrence-Nelson, Nelson, NE Noe Jr. High, Louisville, KY
Centennial Jr. High, Kaysville, UT Calvary Christian, Columbus, GA
Global Education Academy, L.A., CA Newton Conover MS, Conover, NC
Pinecrest HS, Pinecrest, NC Palmview EL, West Palm Beach, FL
Palestine HS, Palestine, IL Moscow MS, Moscow, ID


What if the whole world were made of candy?  Con is the emperor of JaCandy, and his sweet tooth has made him rotten.  Jade, his wife, has a big secret that may change everything.  A tasty treat for young audiences.

Unit Set (2M, 2F, 2E)  25 minutes in length.

Please click here to order JaCandy


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Chireno High School, Chireno, TX
Cedar Park Christian School, Bothell, WA
Waller Middle School, Enid, OK

   Odin's Tales

Odin serves as the narrator as he leads us through several traditional Norwegian folk tales, which includes Three Billy Goats Gruff and a humorous look on how Norwegian food was created.  Great for younger audiences and large casts.

Unit Set (6M, 5F, 8E) 30 minutes in length.

Please click here to order Odin's Tales


Richland HS, Colfax, ND  (Premiere)

       Point Blank

When Frankie the hit man is hired to do a job, little does he know that he's part of an elaborate scheme concocted by shady producers of a reality show called Point Blank.  Follow Frankie as he stumbles through three separate versions of the same show in this fast-paced comedy.

Unit Set (5M, 4F) 25 minutes in length.

Please click here to order Point Blank


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
WInter Springs, FL


A good educational play for high schools and adults, this piece explores what a stereotype is through the use of humor and drama.  This play does not hold back with its observations on race and sexual orientation.

Unit Set (10E) 35 minutes in length.

Click Here to Order through Green Room Press


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Bishop White School, Port Rexton, NL, Canada


When four-year old Tatum is scared of the monsters under her bed, her toys come to life and try to defeat the monster.  Good for younger audiences.

Unit Set (1M, 6F, 4E) 25 minutes of length.

Please click here to order Spasketti


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Monson High, Monson, MA Northland Prep, Flagstaff, AZ
Fisher Public School, Fisher, MN Magnolia Heights, Senatobia, MS
Mountain Brook Jr. High, Birmingham, AL Beaver Civic Arts, Beaver, UT
Texico Municipal Schools, Texico, NM Goodridge Schools, Goodridge, MN
Village of Evergreen Park, Evergreen Park, IL Burke HS, Omaha, NE
Taylor County Middle, Butler, GA Trinity Christian, Dublin, GA
South Platte Schools. Big Springs, NE Hazen HS, Hazen, ND
Trafalgar, Whitby, ON, Canada Carey Jr HS, Cheyenne, WY
Portal HS, Portal, GA Spirit Lake, IA


     The Young and the Senseless- A Tale of Utter Stupidity

A fun spoof on soap operas and melodramas, a high school nerd plots to win the love of his life over the high school jock.

Unit Set (2M, 2F, 4E) 20-25 minutes in length.

Please click here to order The Young and the Senseless


Studio Academy, Rochester, MN  (Premiere)
Dongola District 66, Dongola, IL
Pine Island High, Pine Island, MN
Timberland High, St. Stephen, SC Hudson High, Hudson, IA
Cathedral Academy, Charleston, SC Norlina Christian, Norlian, SC
Wilson Central, Lebanon, TN Lee High, Jonesville, VA
Unalaska, AK Rock River, Laramie, WY
AGWSR Community, Ackley, IA Chavez High, Stockton, CA
Southport High, Indianapolis, IN Denn John MS, Kissimee, FL
Maple Valley HS, Tower City, ND Tellico Plains, Tellico Plains, TN
Green Run HS, Virginia Beach, VA Murdock HS, Winchendon, MA

Scripts for Radio

     Days of Our Roadsboro

This is a long-standing radio play, which premiered on Over the Back Fence, a one-hour radio show broadcast on KFIL and performed by the Commonweal Theater.  Days of our Roadsboro runs nearly 60 episodes- each episode running 10 minutes.  Please contact me if you'd like to see any of the scripts.  The links below lead you to a podcast of new episodes written for the 2010 season.

Ten-Minute Plays and Other Shorts

     Al Literation, Private Eye

Limber up your lips for this one.  Follow private-eye, Al Literation, as he solves the case of Sally's missing seashells.  A fun, forensic folly.  This piece is popular for speech competitions, but can be done as a short play.

Bare Stage (1 to 4E) 10 minutes in length.

Please click here to order Al Literation, Private Eye
This script is also available through Heuer Publishing.


West Monona in Onowa, IA Dixie High School in New Lebanon, OH
Marquette Players, Marquette, NE Benet Academy, Lisle, IL
Lincoln-Way West High, New Lenox, IL Cherokee High, Rogersville, TN
Le Mars Community High, Le Mars, IA Rosemount HS, Rosemount, MN

    Al Literation, Private Eye: The Case of Boy Blue

Lips still limber?  This silly sequel delves deeper into the detective's deeds as he decodes the case of the disappearing Little Boy Blue.  This tough tongue twister works wells as a monologue or speech duet.

Please click here to order from Brooklyn Publishers.

Computer Worship

This short play was the inspiration for the one act play Chipped.  It's a day of worship and people gather to give praise to the personal computer.

Bare Stage  (8 Either or more)  10 minutes in length.


Please contact me for full script or performance royalty.

Our Song

A finalist at the Rochester Rep's 2006 Ten Minute Play Contest, this play explores how we pass on certain traits to our children, which we in turn picked up from our parents.  A nice combination of humor and drama.

Bare stage.  (3 males)  10 minutes in length.

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