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Full-Length Plays

Days of Our Roadsboro


This  is a full-length stage version of the Roadsboro radio series.  Dracoola  has invited all of Roadsboro's favorite characters to a dinner party in  which he plans to kill them once and for all.

Unit Set (3M, 3F - Cast can be larger if needed)  90 minutes in length.

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Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island


Sophie  always wanted to be a superhero, so when her homemade sail boat travels  to Ice Island, Sophie gets a chance to save the island from melting.   Can she be the hero or will the Dark Figure and his minion of penguins  stop her?  This play received its world premiere at the University of  Minnesota-Morris and was also shown on local PBS stations: Pioneer TV  and KMSQ.

Unit Set (1 F, 1 M, 9 E) 60 minutes in length.

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  1. University of Minnesota- Morris  (Premiere)
  2. Young Actors Project, Santa Monica, CA
  3. Nichols School, Buffalo, NY