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Five Flowers


This heart-warming full-length adult comedy centers around Rose, a woman living in an assisted living complex, and who is about to turn eighty.  As her birthday comes and goes, she deals with her incompetent nurse, her wacky card club and her family's reluctance to take care of her.  This play received its world premiere at the St. Mane Theater in Lanesboro, MN.  This play does contain adult language and situations.

Unit set.  (5 m, 5 f)  90 minutes in length

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Jack and the Virus


A fun children's play!  Jack may be only in fifth grade, but he's already hopelessly addicted to the Internet.  When his mom brings home a book from the library, Jack surfs the net to prove he can find all the stories online.  Instead, a nasty virus takes over his computer and distorts the traditional fairy tales.  Jack realizes in order to destroy the virus he must turn off the computer and discovers that reading the book activates his imagination better than the computer screen.  This play received its world premiere at Winona State University in Winona, MN, and was originally titled Tales Told 'Round the World.  This play was also performed in Brandon, MN.

Unit set.  (4 m, 5 f)  60 minutes in length.

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Couch Confessions


A serious look at teens and the choices they make.  When the parents leave for the weekend, the two sisters decide to throw a party.  Various issues are addressed in this play, including drug use, eating disorders and date rape.  The play was developed for Victim Services of Rochester, MN, and was performed by Studio Academy for two years to various high schools in the area.

Unit Set (3M, 7F)   40 minutes in length.

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Grandma's House


When the Wicked Witch breaks into Grandma's house to find the magical spinning wheel, she is interrupted by three princesses coming for a visit.  She quickly disguises herself as Grandma in hopes to buy time so that she can find the wheel and escape.  But then a prince arrives...  Can he save the day?  A fun play for all ages.

Unit Set (1M, 4F) 25 minutes in length.

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Days of Our Roadsboro- Radio Series


Fifty ten-minute episodes that revolve around the town of Roadsboro and the clash between the tourists and the locals.  Originally performed on the radio show Over the Back Fence.

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